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What feedback does UInston provide?
UInston analyzes key UI elements including layout, color schemes, typography, navigation, accessibility, and call-to-action effectiveness, offering comprehensive feedback.
How does UInston work?
Submit your design by uploading screenshots directly to UInston, and our AI will evaluate the visual elements and interaction design to provide you with detailed feedback.
What is UInston’s cost?
Currently, UInston is free to use, and you can submit up to two design requests per day.
What designs can I submit to UInston?
While UInston is optimized for web pages, it is also equipped to evaluate mobile app interfaces, charts, and dashboard designs for UI/UX quality.
Can I request feedback on specific design elements?
Currently you can get feedback on the criterias mentioned above, however in future we will add more custom options to UInston
Is UInston compatible with browsers other than Chrome?
At present, UInston is designed for Chrome-based browsers. Expansion to other browsers is under consideration for future updates.

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